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2023 Legislative Update

CA Budget Wins for District 4:

  • $225,000 to West Sacramento's Recovery Café to support the unhoused and those suffering from addiction and mental health challenges.
  • $378,539 to Clarksburg's Fire Protections District for Wildfire Fighting Water Tender.
  • $487,848 to Yolo County for Meals on Wheels Kitchen Capacity Expansion.
  • $500,000 to the City of St. Helena's Public Works for Spring Street/Highway 29 Pedestrian Safety Improvements.
  • $780,000 to the Blue Ribbon Committee for Clear Lake Rehabilitation.
  • $1,000,000 to the Yolo Crisis Nursery for new home construction and expansion of services.
  • $1,100,000 to UC Davis Tahoe Environmental Research Center (TERC) for Clear Lake Revitalization.
  • $1,250,000 to the Unserved Farmer's Cooperative for the new farmer program.

Bills Authored and Signed by the Governor:

ACA 1 - Local Jobs. Local Investment. Local Control.

Asks California Voters to reduce the current vote threshold from a two-thirds vote to a 55% supermajority for bond and special tax measures to fund local affordable housing and public infrastructure projects. 55% is the same vote threshold approved by California voters for local school construction bonds.

AB 48 - Requires Consent for Medicating Nursing Facility Seniors

Protects nursing home residents with dementia from the misuse of psychotherapeutic drugs as “chemical restraints,” which increases the risk of death. Helps patients and their families make informed decisions and gives them the right to reject sedation.

AB 232 - Allows Out of State Therapists 30 days to Treat Patients Relocating or Traveling to CA

Helps patients access mental health treatment from a qualified out-of-state therapist when they travel to or relocate to California. Reforming these licensing rules is an important step to helping patients maintain continuity of care.

AB 282 - Streamlines the Certification Process for Psychologists

Improves the licensure process for applicants to take required examinations at any time to become a psychologist, allowing a more streamlined process to get qualified mental health providers into the field to help the national mental health crisis.

AB 338 - Provides Training Fair Wages for Wildfire Mitigation Workers

Increases pay and training opportunities for wildfire mitigation workers. Helps California attract, train, and retain a qualified workforce to prevent damaging wildfires by improving opportunities to work on public projects.

AB 350 - Enhances Regional Transportation Planning for the Sacramento Region

Allows the Sacramento Area Council of Governments time to include community-centered planning and coordination with adjacent regions in their planning process for the upcoming Regional Transportation Plan and Sustainable Communities Strategy.

AB 402 - Creates Farmer-Led Ag Program to Eradicate Invasive Weeds

Creates a farmer-led agricultural program to develop methods for mitigating branched broomrape – a harmful and invasive weed that can reduce crop yields by 80%.

AB 454 - Allows Drought-Stricken Farmers to Participate in the Rice Commission

Protects the eligibility of Sacramento Valley and other rice farmers and handlers to serve on the California Rice Commission, even if their crops could not be planted or processed due to drought.

AB 473 - Protects Consumers Local Car Dealers vs. Multi-National Auto Manufacturers

Protects consumers by limiting manufacturers’ ability to charge subscription fees for physical features that are hard-wired into a vehicle. Protects new car dealers from unfair competition and manufacturer practices to keep these local businesses in the communities.

AB 659 - Promotes Uptake & Covers Cost of the Cancer-Preventing HPV Vaccine

Improves awareness of the cancer-preventing HPV vaccine by recommending the HPV vaccine for students entering high school and college. Helps Californians access preventative care by expanding coverage of the HPV vaccine.

AB 933 - Protects Survivors of Abuse and Harassment From Weaponized Lawsuits

Protects survivors of sexual assault, harassment, and discrimination from weaponized defamation lawsuits that seek to silence them. Expands protections for speech made by a survivor about their experience but does not apply to unfounded claims.

AB 1159 - Clarifies Rules for Grants That Conserve Natural and Working Lands

Protects nonprofits, tribes, and landowners who receive state grant funding by clarifying that they can continue to generate carbon offset credits that are not the result of state funding.