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Wildfire Resources

The health and safety of all Californians is our priority, especially as we see devastating fires across the state in the midst of a heatwave and COVID-19. My team and I are still working closely with city, county, and state agencies to bring you the most recent updates and resources available on the wildfires in Assembly District 4. As developments continue, my team will update the resource guide below with accurate information to help our neighbors and community members stay safe.

As always, please remember that you can contact the staff in my district offices if you need any assistance. Our Davis office staff can be reached at (530) 757-1034 and our Napa office staff can be contacted at (707) 224-0440.

Find our AD4 wildfire resource guide for August 2020 here:

Please take care and stay safe.

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Cecilia Aguiar-Curry
Assemblymember, 4th District


IF YOU HAVE BEEN ORDERED TO EVACUATE DUE TO FIRE IN YOUR AREA, PLEASE LEAVE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. All evacuation instructions provided by officials should be followed immediately for your safety. Do not return to your home until fire officials determine it is safe. Notification that it is safe to return home will be given as soon as possible considering safety and accessibility. Please also check with your local officials for up-to-date information in your area.